Mushoku Tensei Volume 1

Mushoku Tensei Volume 1

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place, and stop at a similar place. I ended up like this because I could never cross the hurdles a normal human could.


Somewhere in the heavy rain, I heard people arguing.

What’s that commotion about?

It’s annoying. I don’t want to be involved. Even though I was thinking that, my feet wanted to head over to them.

“—- That’s why, you—-“

“You’re the one—–“

Entering my sight seemed to be three high school students having a lovers’ spat.

Two guys and one girl. They were dressed in the now uncommon collared student uniforms and a sailor uniform.

It seemed there was some sort of a harem war going on. The taller boy was quarreling with the girl, and the other boy was trying to mediate, but the two quarreling parties weren’t listening at all.

(Hmm, I had something like that before)

I once had a somewhat cute childhood friend in junior high. She might have been considered cute, maybe a four or five. She participated in the track and field club and had short hair. She had the kind of appearance that would cause two or three out of ten people to turn back. However, I was very passionate over a particular anime and felt that those in the track and field club should have a ponytail, so I thought she was an ugly girl.

However, her home was near mine and we frequently shared the same class during primary school, so we went home together more than once. We had plenty of chances to talk together, and also bickered at times. It’s a pity. In my current state, just listening to the words “junior high”, “childhood friend”, and “running club”, is enough for me to cum 3 times.

By the way, I heard that childhood friend got married seven years ago.

I overheard this rumor from the living room, where my siblings were talking.

Our relationship wasn’t bad. We were able to talk without reservations since we’d known each other from a young age.

I don’t think she liked me, but if I’d studied hard and entered the same high school, or if I’d joined the track and field club and entered the same school by recommendation, I might have raised a flag[5]. If I make a serious confession, we might even be dating each other..

I could have flirted and bickered with her like the trio, and we might even have done perverted things in an empty classroom after school.

Hah, what eroge is this?

(Come to think of it, these people are really damned riajuus. Just explode already…. Hm?)

Suddenly, in that instant, I realized.

A truck was charging towards the trio at a tremendous speed.

Also, the driver of the truck was lying prone on the wheel.

He was driving in a sleep-deprived state.

And the three still hadn’t noticed.


I tried to warn them by yelling, but I haven’t used my vocal cords fully for over ten years, and the cold rain and the pain in my ribs caused them to shrink further; The teeny-weeny, trembling voice I eked out vanished in the rain.

I must save them. I have to. At the same time, I thought: why do I need to save them?

I had a gut feeling that if I didn’t save them, I would regret it five seconds later. I would absolutely regret it if I saw those three people getting smashed into a bloody pulp by a truck.

Regret not saving them.

Therefore, I had to save them.

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You are reading Mushoku Tensei Volume 1 in English / Read Mushoku Tensei Volume 1 manga stream online on

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